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Valentines Day for Mom

Valentines day with my grandchildren was a very special event. When I arrived at their house, they greeted me with beautiful cards they had made themselves. Nothing flutters a grandma’s heart like a hand drawn card from a grandchild.

They had cut out heart shapes from pink cardboard and glued individual semi circles of white paper around the edges to give a lacey definition. Then in their own unique handwriting, they had written special messages of love. Sigh…. bliss…. What it is to be loved by your grandchildren.

Teach how to love

One of the very important roles of a grandparent is to teach a child the many ways to show love. Being a positive role model is so important for children of any age. Always react in a positive manner. Show your grandchild good behavior. Even if they do something that is quite annoying, turn it into a positive by asking them why they behaved that way.

Often it is enough to ignore annoying behavior unless they repeat it so many times, that you must present them with a solution. Then you can ask them if they were trying to annoy you and other family members. Teach them how to be lovable and that honey attracts more bees!!!!

Role modelling

Children love to play games especially if the game portrays them as the protagonist of the story. Imagine dramas in which your grandchild can be the hero who saves the day. Create dialogue along with your grandchild to role play the story. It’s such an interesting way to teach good, positive behavior.

The children will soon become adept at using role play to sort out situations which could have led to conflict. It’s so much better for them to be the creators of their own story. Avoid moralizing and lecturing. That old theme of good triumphing over evil is still so satisfying for today’s children. Allow the role play to instruct.

Creating empathy

Hugs and kisses are the best way to greet your grandchildren. There’s nothing like a good tight hug from a grandchild to make you feel loved. My youngest grandchild gives the strongest hugs which make me feel about 7 feet tall. Most importantly, tell your grandchild how you feel about their hugging. When my first grandchild was released from the baby seat, she ran across the lawn into my arms. It was the most amazing experience. When I recall that memory, I smile and a warmth envelopes me.

It is this feeling that you can describe to your grandchildren as soon as they can understand language. Ask this question often: how does this make you feel? How do you think I feel? How does Mummy feel? How does Daddy feel? Talk about all the different emotions and ask them to draw faces which depict them.

When one of my grandchildren was a mere three years old, and her father did something interesting with a ball, she blurted out “Robby Robby Rock Star!!!” All the adults present were gob smacked and her father beamed with such pleasure. I often remind her how her words made everyone feel great, especially her father.

I had been invited over to stay till Mum and Dad returned from their romantic Valentine’s dinner and those few hours galloped by. We had so much fun and the final cherry on the cake was the beautiful posy of yellow rosebuds they gave me as I was leaving. It’s the best thing to be a grandma!



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