Baby Exercises – Secret of Super Grandparenting

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Psssssst! Wanna be a Super Grandma or Grandpa? It’s so easy. Creating opportunities to exercise your grandchild from the very beginning of its life will make you a SUPERIOR grandparent. And this is the secret – stimulate your grandchild’s feet.

Why exercising a baby?

These little toes just love to be tickled when you sing This Little Piggy went to market….

This is why I want to tell you all the easiest ways to help your darling little grandchild exercise that tiny body. Can you guess how simple it is? Even if your little one is only a few days old, it will be able to push its little feet onto the palms of your hands and stretch its little arms and legs.

The reason is that this little human wants to exercise. Intuitively, every baby knows that the more it works its muscles, the stronger its body will become and consequently, the greater its mental development.

Here is how I exercise my granddaughter

So when Mum and Dad decided to take a quick nap and left Grandma in charge, I got to work. This is what I did. I took off her outer clothing leaving her dressed in her vest and nappy. Off came the bootees and leggings and jacket.

Of course, I had washed my hands and applied a soothing lavender hand cream before I massaged her little legs and feet and spent a few minutes freaking her out by tickling the soles of her feet.

She was just too cute for words when she started to giggle. Yes, newborns can giggle although the sound may have sent her Mum and Dad freaking out.

I sounded a bit like choking but I felt tears of joy running down my face as I cooed at my little darling. She loved it! I tickled and she giggled.

Stimulate your grandchildren feet

After a few minutes of that exercise, I balanced her on the table by holding her upright under her armpits. Carefully I bounced her up and down so that the soles of her feet felt the table as a short impact.

After a few bounces on the surface of the table, I used the couch so that she felt a different texture. Just a few seconds of this is enough to stimulate the muscles in the legs and feet and toes.

I quickly dressed her again and before putting on her little booties, I sang “This little Piggy goes to Market” massaging each little toe. Although I know my granddaughter is only 8 weeks, I swear she winked at me! It’s difficult to stop laughing at the weird expressions that cross her face.

However, what happened next melted my heart. She actually grinned at me. Now you may say it was wind but I swear it was a big smile at our secret exercise program.

The soles of your baby’s feet are so sensitive to stimulation. Touch them gently to develop their gross motor skills.



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