How To Have Fun Playing Indoors When It’s Raining Outside

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How about this idea: balloons can inspire loads of activities for your grandkids to have fun indoors when the weather is miserable outdoors.

Imagine how effective a whole room full of balloons will be when it’s raining cats and dogs outside. Multi-coloured balloons are a source of fun exercise for your grandchildren.

Can you imagine your grandchildren going crazy amongst a whole room full of balloons?

Hidden Secret About Balloons for Children

It’s A GREAT IDEA to use balloons as wet weather exercise equipment. Think how balloons gently float to the floor.

Firstly, introduce your grandchildren to the idea of miming a balloon floating around gently and then slowly drifting to the floor. Get them in the mood by playing some rhythmic music to stimulate their movement.

Anything goes here and you can join in the game. It’s a fantastic way to warm up those muscles.

Balloon Games For Your Grandchildren

After you’ve done the balloon miming stunt, think about some other faster games to play. Kids love to bat balloons to each other and to you. It’s a fun way to get them to stretch.

How about beach volleyball indoors? Clear out the dining room furniture and, using some white chalk, mark out a court. Let the kids do this as it so much fun to write all over Grandma/pa’s floor!!! Use a piece of cord to make a net.

Then off you go. Punch those balloons over your makeshift net and see who can score first. It’s a great game of endurance. You try it before the grandchildren arrive. I guarantee that you’ll be puffing after a few minutes. Think how good all that movement is for your heart.

After you’re done with the volleyball, try a variation with some table tennis paddles and teach your grandchildren how to play tennis with a balloon. It’s a great way to develop their hand-eye co-ordination without smashing the windows.

This game can go on for hours if you keep changing the rules: play over the table; then over the bed; in the hallway or wherever your imagination runs.

Need More Ideas?

E:\pink balloon.jpgIf you need some more ideas, try hallway cricket using a soft bat and balloons. Sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it?

Have a go and see how hard it can be to bowl a balloon and then hit it with a bat. Maybe you will be able to modify the game depending on the age of your special super grandkids.

Here’s a hint. If you weight the balloon, it’s easier to bowl. Simply pour some rice into the balloons before inflating them.

You’ll soon be an expert in calculating how much rice to use. Too much and the balloons will be oh-so-not-able-to-float.

Another great game to exercise your grandchildren and to provide them with endless fun on a wet day is to play pass the balloon. Make sure you have some boppy tunes on your iPhone to keep them moving.



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