Why Biking With Your Children Is Best!

children biking

The best way to build a great relationship with your grandchildren is to teach them how to ride a bike. The values of bicycle riding are well-known around the world. Just ask anyone who lives in Copenhagen or Amsterdam.

The first Bike is a Scooter

Start with a scooter to help develop your grandchild’s concepts of fun exercise as soon as possible in their young lives.

As soon as your SUPER little darling can stand and take a few steps, buy them a scooter. They are cheap so get the smallest one to make it easy for them to ride and learn how to balance. You’ll be so surprised to see how quickly they get the hang of it. Their technique will be key to success on their bike.

kids scooter
Kids love to ride their scooters

After the scooter, buy a trike for safety and stability. That’s a three-wheeler for you grandparents who are novices in this game. It is a safe way to get them to enjoy peddling. There is absolutely no point in scaring your little grandchild with some piece of machinery which causes them to fall off.

Practice makes perfect

Mark out some kind of training circuit on the closest piece of concrete which could be your front footpath or in the local park or playground.

Put in “traffic lights” using coloured paddles and be sure to include a large red STOP sign. You can play traffic cop or maybe there’s another older child in your neighbourhood who would like to play that role. Here we have the perfect game to exercise everyone involved.

The main thing is that it’s a whole load of fun! And think about how good it is for you, too. No one wants an expanding waistline at the beginning of their retirement so run along beside the trike to encourage your grandchild to develop their expertise.

Safety is Important

It’s important to think about every aspect of safety. Make sure they wear their sneakers and jeans just in case they take a tumble. No one wants to suffer grazed knees and toes.

After their confidence has increased and they’re whizzing around on their trike doing doughnuts, go for a small bicycle. Please remember to protect their precious little heads (filled with lots of brains) by getting a properly fitting helmet, too.

The best part of Biking with your children

Here’s the most important part of this kind of fun. You have to get a bike for yourself so you can have bike tours around the neighbourhood. There are so many bike paths available where you can ride safely. If you don’t know where they are, ask your local councilor for a map showing locations.

As your grandchild develops in strength, you can plan riding tours all over the place. Take along a picnic lunch, a fishing rod and a ball and you have a whole day of fun planned.

It is this bicycle which will be the first of many, Grandma/pa so start saving for a new bicycle every year for the next few years, until, YES, it will be time for their first car! However, you will have made an excellent investment in your grandchildren’s health and exercise program.

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