How To Boost Men’s Wellbeing – A Practical Guide

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Many older men still adhere to the stereotype of always appearing masculine and bottling up feelings. However, as society matures, those misconceptions are slowly fading away, and middle-aged men are learning that it’s okay to feel down on occasion.

How’s It Going?

They are also learning that it’s acceptable for men to look after themselves from an emotional point-of-view and to take steps that can boost their mental wellbeing.

There are good reasons to take care of your wellbeing, as it isn’t just about health and fitness, it’s also about your state of mind.

Experts warn us that the key to a long and happy life well into your 80’s and 90’s is to commit to a healthier and more positive lifestyle and that includes looking after your mental health. [*1]

With that said, here are three men’s wellbeing ideas you can use to boost yourself up and make life feel like it’s worth living again.

1. Join a Volunteer Group

Becoming a volunteer is all about creating a difference in the world, but it goes deeper than that. Volunteering also helps to increase physical activity, prevent loneliness and feelings of isolation, and may even reduce stress.

The benefits to wellbeing created from volunteering are well known, but researchers are still attempting to locate the exact mechanism behind it. A Carnegie Mellon study revealed that 200 hours of volunteering resulted in lower blood pressure. [*2]

2. Spend More Time with Family and Friends

We live in a gadget centric society, and it’s inflicting a toll on our mental health. In an ironic twist, the time we spend staring at screens on social media is detrimental to our wellbeing. Interacting on social media is not the same as personal interaction, but it’s personal interaction that boosts our mental health and overall wellbeing.

Social media is not an evil influence overall, but studies are finding that it can be if it’s used with high-frequency and at the expense of physical interaction. [*3]

A paper published in Psychological Science found that people who have a lot of social connections have a higher level of happiness than those who don’t. [*4]

However, it’s not clear whether those social connections resulted in happiness, or that being happy means that more people are willing to seek out your company. We’re betting it’s a little of both.

3. Get More Sleep

Lack of or inadequate sleep can lead to health issues such as a weakened immune system, which isn’t good if you’re on the wrong end of middle age. You will also increase the risk of depression and anxiety.

Sleep may be one of the easiest ways to improve your wellbeing. If you’re having trouble getting some shuteye try turning off all the red and blue blinking lights in the room, reduce ambient noise, and make sure the temperature is optimal.

If these don’t help, then see your doctor about having a night or two at a sleep lab so they can have a stab at finding out what might be keeping you up at night. Being always tired can make you cranky, which wouldn’t be conducive to improving your life via the strategy outlined in point two. [*5]

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