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Increase Your Grandchildren’s Brain Exercise – WHY?

Hey, do you know how to put a smile on your grandchildren’s faces? You can use this technique to increase your grandchildren’s brain exercise. For those of you who may be questioning this concept, think about this.

The more brain exercise your grandchildren have, the smarter they become. Their thinking skills will improve. Their problem-solving skills will improve. So don’t wait any longer.

Go for the idea of helping your grandchildren exercise their brains. Whatever their ages, you can give them great joy by giving them construction skills. Hour upon hour of creative fun is right there with not one mention of a screen. How good is that? And now for the answer:

LEGO – You can find Lego products for children’s brain exercise from Amazon.

So, here’s the conversation I had with my SUPER granddaughters AFTER Mum and Dad had gone to work.

‘Would you like to go to the toyshop today?’

Are You Kidding? Who Doesn’t Want To Visit The Toy Shop?

As you will know, a visit to the toyshop generates huge excitement and is a great opportunity for you to allow your grandchildren to develop life skills such as – ahem, pardon me….. restraint…..

It can be a bit tricky if your budget is set at one level and their little eyes are on the most expensive Lego set imaginable. Always allow your grandchildren to have some freedom of choice.

Guide and restrict when it comes to how much they want to buy and how much you want to spend. It’s best to have this conversation at home before arriving in the shelves where temptation awaits.

You will see row upon row of the most fabulous Lego sets known to any child or Grandie! ( For those of you who are new to my blogs, that’s short for Grandma/Grandpop/Granddad/ Nanna/Pop or whatever your grandchildren call you.

Go Lego! Exercise My children’s Brain!

As soon as we entered, they made a beeline for the shelves of LEGO. Yes, LEGO. It took them no time at all to find their most desirable objects. Shelf upon shelf of the most creative construction stories you can imagine.

For the girls, there’s FRIENDS and for the boys, there’s CITY. Whoever designs these sets is brilliant. I can’t begin to contemplate the complex computer that prints all those tiny pieces.

And who puts all those tiny components into individual packets? And then there are the instructions to read. It’s a treasure trove of learning. Brain exercise of the very best kind. The children love them. And so do I!

It took a long time to choose just what we wanted today. Take a look at their selection. These were carefully chosen to complement their already huge collection of Lego.

Brain Work!

As soon as the sets are assembled, the storytelling begins. That’s the brain exercise part of building Lego. And it’s a really good opportunity to have a sustained conversation with your grandchildren as construction takes place. It’s amazing what they will tell you as they build their new Lego set.

After the construction, role play is the most creative part of playing with Lego. Each child assumes a character to become a player in the set. It’s amazing how children can use any Lego set to make their own story according to which character they are playing.

Any set can provide hours of brain exercise for your grandchildren. Ponder all the possibilities for role play.

All those budding construction engineers are just longing to construct their dream city in LEGO. You can browse the toy shop shelves in any department store and find row upon row of LEGO for girls and boys. Think LEGO Friends for the girls in your life and LEGO City for all the boys.

Just look at all those tiny components just waiting to be assembled. If you haven’t played with Lego since you were a kid or your kids were kids, go into the closest toy department and find yourself a set to get started. That kind of brain exercise will help improve your memory. You’ll soon be hooked on what your imagination will carry you to a new world of possibilities.

Exercise is the key to a good life. It’s not just physical exercise but those little grey cells need a daily workout especially if you’re a SUPER grandie and your motivation is to raise SUPER grandchildren.

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