Christmas Magic

Happy siblings opening the christmas presents

Grandchildren make Christmas the most magical time of your life. When their little faces light up with excitement about the festivities, you recapture that sparkle of youth. Let that youthful joy envelop you and allow you to become that small child again.

Time to Give

This is a great opportunity to give your grandchildren a time to develop more empathy for others less fortunate. Encourage your grandchildren to think of other children in poorer families. Help them understand that some little children need more love and they are the experts to give this love and understanding.

When you are out shopping with them, point out the bins placed in obvious areas when toys can be left and others where food is accepted. Make a special shopping trip for “friends unknown” who may welcome a bit of Christmas Cheer.

Time to Love

If your grandchildren have been given a Christian education, they will know all about Jesus and love. Let them tell you the story and they might like to dramatize the scenarios about Bethlehem and why Jesus was born in a barn at that time. Allow your grandchildren to present their own interpretations. It can be a lot of fun!

Time to Believe

Now here’s the thing: belief. You may have no religious affiliations – maybe tried and discarded. However, allow your grandchildren to have their own unique experiences. When the pope visited, some smart friends condemned the church and turned their backs. When they Youth rallied, they said how sad it was that these kids had been brainwashed.

However, if kids are busy believing in a better life and if that belief prevents them from addictive drug use and self- harm, then allow them that indulgence. All too soon, their delusions will be smashed. It’s a hard life to have no hope.

If they want to believe in Santa Claus, encourage that magic. If some smart know-it-all kid has told them that Santa Claus doesn’t exist, explain to them that if you don’t believe, it won’t happen.

Isn’t this just so true of everything in life: conceive, believe, achieve.

So, if your grandchildren are still young enough to enjoy a visit from Santa Claus, encourage their enjoyment.

Time for gifting

Yes, Christmas is the time to give special things to all those you love and perhaps, don’t love but keep working on it! There is nothing more enjoyable than taking your grandchildren shopping and wasn’t I the lucky one to do it on the very day that Kmart had a 20% off all toys!

My grandchildren are now aged 9 and 7 and they are still believers so they willingly told me what they wanted Santa to bring and what they would like from Grandma. It’s so easy to buy things secretly under their very noses with the help of a few happy retailers. Because it was a day of substantial price reductions, we had a field day. And Mum and Dad were on their list, too. It’s amazing how many Barbie Dolls Mummy has. The latest Barbie Plane is a great toy to encourage learning about travel, too.

A gift is a present and there’s no better present than to enjoy the present day.

Merry Christmas to all.



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