Four Letter Words For Raising Happy Grandchildren

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What do four letter words mean to you? Perhaps the idea conjures up images of things best left unspoken, especially when you are thinking of your grandchildren. However, some four letter words are imbued with positivity.

Here are the Four Letter words to bring joy to you and your grandchildren: give, take, talk, time.


How lovely it is when you receive an unexpected call from your son and daughter with an urgent request to take care of the children. If you’re a grandma like me, you immediately cancel your plan for that day and make yourself happily available.

There is nothing sweeter than spending time with a grandchild. There are so many activities which they enjoy and often, they are simple pleasures such as colouring in a picture. I keep a stash of felt pens, colouring pencils and water-based paints along with a few different colouring books for this kind of occasion.


Whilst you are colouring, you will be surprised how much your grandchild will tell you about what is important in their life. Sometimes, the conversations of Mummy and Daddy feature quite strongly. Advisedly, keep this extremely confidential. This is a good time to discover and allay any fears or anxieties that your grandchild may have.

Often, your grandchild may have heard the smattering of their parents’ conversation and have a mixed version of what those particular adults actually said. Sometimes, it’s best to gently dispel any fears they may have and to put a more ordinary spin on the reported conversation.


This means that you must take responsibility. If you hear anything that needs to be dealt with immediately, it’s a good idea to take action as soon as possible. It may be as simple as a phone call to your grandchild’s school or day care centre.

It’s quite interesting how calmly a child may talk about abuse that they have seen at school or some other place frequented by children. Always remain calm but resolve to act on the scenario which your grandchild has described.


Your grandchild needs a lot of love and that love needs to be sincerely felt. Giving toys is not giving love. However, sometimes taking your grandchild on a shopping spree can be a lot of fun for you as well as the child.

Dreaming about something and then going to the shops for it can be the ultimate shopping experience. Imagine something that you have wanted for a long time. How would you feel if your fairy godmother winged her way into your life, waved her magic wand, and, hey presto! Your dream has been realised.

These four letter words all add up to giving the feeling of importance to your grandchild. It’s more than that: it gives them the feeling of being loved.

There is no feeling more precious than the feeling of being loved, unconditionally, for who you are by someone special in your life. That is what my grandmother gave to me and it lives in my memory as a glittering treasure.



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