Amazing Ideas For Indoor Fun Games With Kids On A Rainy Day

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Yes, calling all those Superior grandmas and grandpas to read this advice.

Yes, you guessed it. It’s raining and it is not just a few scattered showers.  It’s pouring down and has been for the past few days so all the children are shaking with cabin fever.

Yes, you’re right – their Mum has just asked you to childmind for the day.

Luckily for you, you planned for this event some time ago.  Thinking about how to entertain your grandchildren in the event of a week of wet weather during their school vacation, you smartly invested in exercise equipment.

How To Make An Indoor Play Area

Just as well you have a double garage because that is a great place to convert to an indoor play area.  With the help of some synthetic lawn and a few yoga mats, a large carpet square and the reliable foam mattress, your space is ready.  Set it up as a training circuit with timers and water bottles.

If you want to put a smile on the faces of your grandchildren, you will give them exercise equipment and toys to help them build muscle.

Awesome Tip – Balance Beam

Buy them a balance beam. No kidding! You will love it and so will they.

Wow! Grandma, you got this for us????  Let’s go.  Their enthusiasm was overwhelming.

kids balancing beam
Balancing beam can offer amazing fun for children when it is raining outside

Pretty soon, we had a training circuit of star jumps, happy cats, angry cats, walking the plank, hula-hooping and throwing baskets.

Rainy Day Fun Games Encourage Kids’ Invention

So after they had inspected all the gear, they decided the rules themselves.  Mainly, it was about how much time to spend on each activity and how they could be scored because, believe me, their competitive spirit is strong.  Here’s what they decided:

Each player or competitor or if you prefer, grandchild would begin in a different space.  The first activity was times for 5 minutes.  This meant that they would all progress to the next activity at the same pace to avoid one child waiting for one to finish.

Because we set up 5 activities for 3 competitors, we could avoid waiting.  Here’s the hard part: grandma had to score.  This is always so tricky so each activity had to have a skill level and a technique to try to differentiate and to try to avoid the big kid always winning. 

Credibility here is on line, Grandies.  So you have to ask the kids how to score before wading into that minefield.

In next to no time, their Mum arrived to whisk them off home but did they want to leave?  No way. Exercising with Grandma was way too much fun.



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