UP! UP! Swing Exercise – It Is More Than Just For Fun

mom and daughter swing on the beach Custom

Calling all Supergrandies.  It’s time to practise your swinging.

Is there anything happier than watching the joyful delight of a small child on a swing?

Take your grandchildren to the local council playground and watch your child run from activity to activity.  You can run with them and enjoy the feeling of freedom.  Or at least, you can walk quickly.

Exercise Those Little Legs!

If you would like to increase the development of your toddler’s leg muscles, teach them how to swing.

Your little one will discover how much fun it is to move his/her legs in a rhythm to gain momentum.  As the height and speed of the swing increases with the amount of energy your baby uses, the greater the muscle development.

Fun on a swing!

Even the momentum of the swing develops the child’s gross motor skills. As the child pushes with his/her legs to gain speed, the whole body is being exercised right through the core.

By adding another piece of equipment to the swing set, you can value add to your child’s exercise.

Children of all ages can have so much fun on this kind of backyard playground equipment.  It doesn’t have to be installed by a professional.  If you can read the instructions, then you will be able to erect it all quite safely.  Ask your Super Grandpa – he may be able to do it.

The possibilities for increasing your grandchild’s muscular strength are countless. And what’s more, everyone loves the swinging action. Take a look at all those smiling faces. It’s all about exercising your grandchildren.

Keep smiling and exercising

If you do a little research, you will find the type of equipment that will help your grandchild develop gross motor skills in your own backyard.  It’s a fun activity which can help you to establish a great relationship with your grandchild. 

Not only that, but if you choose carefully, you may find a piece of equipment that can be reutilised as your child grows older and needs something a little more challenging.  The possibilities are countless.

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