How To Give Your Grandchild A Love Of Books


Every child’s right is to:

  • have their own book
  • be read to aloud
  • see themselves reflected in a book

Famous words from the famous writer, Cressida Cowell, informs these ideas.

Author of How to train your Dragon, Cowell is passionate about children’s literacy. This Children’s laureate has sold more than 11 million copies in 37 different languages She believes that books stimulate a child’s mind more than any other type of activity.

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Give Grandkids books and more books

Give your grandchildren the gift that last their whole life: a love of reading. If you can train your grandchildren to love books, your gift to them will endure throughout their entire life. With this belief, I agree.

My own childhood was enriched by a box of books sent to my family each Christmas by a benevolent aunt. How I waited in anticipation for that box to arrive. How I devoured each book and then reread them again and again indulging in a magic escapism.

Grandkids love a book of their own

Let’s look at Cowell’s first point: each child has the right to own their own book. This is so easy to do with so many books available for very young children.

As soon as your grandchild can focus their eyesight, you can give them a book: one of those little rag books with brightly coloured pages is totally indestructible. They can have that little book in the bath or in their bed. It will give them something to hold and their sensory perceptions will develop.

It’s the idea of pleasure emanating from that source. As soon as they stop chewing on everything in their hands, you can give them a delightful little hard cardboard story book with no text but brightly coloured illustrations.

As they grow month by month, you can introduce another type of book until they mature to the stage of the pop-up picture book. How gorgeous it is to see the smiles on their faces when the pictures lift off the pages. It will put a smile on your face, too!

Grandkids love you to read a book

How about Cowell’s second point that each child has the right to be read to. ‘Hands up’ for who likes to have a book read to them? Why do so many adults have cds of books in their car during a possibly long, boring commute? Simply because it is great to have someone read you a story.

How about her third point that a child deserves to see themselves reflected in a book. With so many wonderful writers depicting so many different personalities and events in their books, it is quite easy to find a book, especially for your grandchild. In fact, as soon as your grandchild can speak, they will tell you what they prefer.

Grandkids love library books

As soon as they go to school and begin to learn how to read formally, their appetite for the written word will outpace what you can buy them. Rely on the library to fund their reading.

Most local libraries have fantastic children’s sections with loads of creative activities for all children. As soon as your grandchild discovers the value and wealth contained in the library, they will be hooked on that place as an exciting environment to experience all things new.



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