Why You Should Buy An Inflatable Swim Pool For Grandchildren

inflatable swim pool for children RetireOn super grandparent

Have you thought about buying an inflatable swim pool for your children? There are amazing insights you have not thought of before. Let me share with you the secrets. Before that, let me first talk about how I came to the point of inflatable swim pool.

The secret to being the best grandparent

Everyone says that being a grandparent is so much fun and this is why: all joy and no drama!

My granddaughter means the world to me and I want to be a special person in her life. So here’s what I’ve done to make our relationship special. Firstly, I read everything about grandparenting available. Then I designed an exercise game program to play with my granddaughter.

Here’s the secret to make you a Superior Grandma or Grandpa or Nanna or Pop or whatever your title: play with your little one. It will make you their favourite human being! It doesn’t matter how old they are, they’ll love it.

inflatable swimming pool for children – Amazing!

My granddaughter was 5 months old when I started this game. She couldn’t sit up without support. So I put her inside a small inflatable swimming pool in the living room and propped her up with cushions.

Then I filled the pool with soft foam balls of many different colours. She squealed with delight as she started to grab and squeeze those balls and then kick at them with her little baby feet. You would be surprised at how many ways you can play with a ball: play with ball

I took some great video for her 21st birthday party!

So, after the foam ball, I bought a whole lot of other balls of all colours, shapes and textures. Some were those little squiggle squeezy balls that help develop the hand muscles and your little one will love sucking the nodules!!

Then we started to play throw and catch all the time sitting in the pool still filled with all those balls of different shapes and sizes. In next to no time, my granddaughter was crawling through those balls and then wading through those balls.

Exercise is important for children. Why?

Talk about exercise! I could see her leg muscles developing in just a few weeks. Now, I’m not claiming that my granddaughter is a SUPER Child just because of exercising through play. But I will claim this:

if we hadn’t done that ball play I bet she wouldn’t have such a strong little body.

This is why the very best thing to do for your toddler is strength training. Before long, your toddler will be walking and climbing and that is the sign of success. All you have to do is to provide opportunities for your little person to exercise on different surfaces and textures.

That’s why an inflatable swim pool and lots of different balls can be the very beginning of your super child’s exercise program.

Inflatable swim pool for children exercise

The thing here is that the inflatable swim pool doubles up as a play ball centre and a splash pool. As children love water play, with memories of floating effortlessly in their amniotic sac before birth, water is a natural play centre for them. You know how great it is to float on your back and look at the stars.

After filling the pool half full with tepid water, we started to throw balls into the pool. There were squeals of delight as the water splashed all over the place.

We started this water play in the middle of summer so it was really enjoyable and a relief to be in the water, splashing each other. My little granddaughter loved splashing me, especially on my face.

She laughed and gurgled with great amusement. After you’ve had a bit of fun with this, you can then start water safety training.

Splash! Splash! Kick! Your little one will be laughing and enjoying the exercise and you will be, too.

A child is not born brilliant. Its innate abilities have to be nurtured.



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