Ping Pong Is THE EXERCISE For Your Grandchildren

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This is how you can have some super fun with your grandchildren.

In just two words: Table Tennis

Yes, your garage space can be the best place to play Table Tennis. So, clear out the garage and install a table tennis table. You may have to pack away the gymnastics gear for the time but you will be so happy when you see the smiles on the faces of your little darlings.

It’s so much fun to have a stack of small white or yellow balls and start pinging and ponging them back and forth over that net.

How Ping Pong Develops their Gross Motor Skills

If you want to help your super grandkids develop their gross motor skills, this is an exceptional fun way to do it.

Why develop their gross motor skills, you may ask? Walking, running, jumping, crawling, swimming and cycling are all activities which help to develop gross motor skills. Playing table tennis goes one better because it includes the development of their fine motor skills as well.

Have you ever heard of fine motor skills? You know that game Pick up Sticks? Concentrating on picking up that stick without moving any of the others takes a lot of eye to hand coordination and so does playing table tennis.

It’s a fast-paced game and they must keep their eye on the ball and bat it into the rectangle marked on the table.

Ping Pong Develops Your Grandchildren’s Creativity

What I suggest here is that you buy loads of table tennis balls.

Have two large buckets at each end of the table and play a game with each child hitting a ball over the net and then running to the other end to play another game. This really means that you, Grandma and Grandpa, must play too!

Encourage them to hit the ball across the net starting right side to left side and then reverse. They will pick it up so quickly that you will be going for a coffee to keep up.

Change The Ping Pong rules For More Fun!

You can devise all sorts of games from two handed batting to bat on one end and then run around the table and bat from the other end. That’s why you need to be speedy in this game, Grandma and Grandpa.

Think of that excellent aerobic exercise you’ll be getting. A few sessions of this game and your heart rate will be pumping! Think how good it is for your grandchildren, too. Remember to let them win……. Ha!

It’s not just a game you’re playing: your grandchildren are developing skills to play other games such as Tennis. This will set them up for later tennis games and especially when they’re training for Wimbledon.

Lots of different versions of the game can be played and you will discover that your grandchildren will be up for every different version. And they will probably think up a few new versions for themselves.

Kids are so creative when given the chance and if you want to be The Super Grandie, you can do that by giving them lots of opportunities.



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