Suffolk Beacon


Step into a classic British seascape with “Suffolk Beacon,” a digital art print that captures the rugged beauty of a lighthouse perched atop a cliff along the Suffolk coast. Rendered in the thick, textured strokes of the impasto technique, this artwork brings a sense of strength and guidance amidst the vastness of the sea.


This oil painting digital download showcases the iconic imagery of the Suffolk coastline with its guiding lighthouse standing as a sentinel over the tumultuous waters below. The impasto technique adds a dynamic quality to the image, with each stroke of the palette knife contributing to the rich tapestry of colour and form. The bold red and white of the lighthouse contrast against the softer tones of the cliff and sky, symbolizing resilience and hope.

The painting’s composition invites the viewer to a vantage point high above the sea, where the waves gently lap against the rocky shore, and the clouds dance lightly in the sky. It’s an homage to the timeless beauty of the British coast, ideal for anyone who cherishes maritime landscapes or the raw beauty of nature.

Why You Should Buy

  • Experience the allure of the Suffolk coast with an artwork that stands the test of time.
  • Add a touch of classic British charm and character to your home or office.
  • The impasto technique provides texture and depth, perfect for high-quality print mediums.
  • Downloadable art offers the convenience of choosing your print size to perfectly match your space.

Suggested for best results: Opt for a giclée print on canvas to retain the textured effect of the original impasto work and enhance the tactile experience of this exquisite art piece.

What you will get

Please note that this listing is for a digital file download and no physical item will be shipped. Upon purchase, you will receive 5 files (PNG, 300DPI each ) with the following ratios:

  1. 2×3 Ratio (6000 x 9000)
    • This ratio is ideal for printing on standard photo sizes such as 4×6 inches, 6×9 inches, 8×12 inches, 10×15 inches, and 12×18 inches.
    • It’s also suitable for larger poster sizes like 16×24 inches, 20×30 inches, and 24×36 inches.
  2. 3×4 Ratio (5400 x 7200)
    • Common print sizes for this ratio include 6×8 inches, 9×12 inches, 12×16 inches, and 15×20 inches.
    • This ratio is also suitable for standard frame sizes like 18×24 inches.
  3. 4×5 Ratio (4800 x 6000)
    • This ratio fits well with sizes such as 8×10 inches, 16×20 inches, and any other size maintaining the 4×5 aspect.
    • It’s a popular choice for art prints and portraits.
  4. 11×14 Ratio (3300 x 4200)
    • Specifically tailored for printing at 11×14 inches, a common size for medium-sized posters and framed art prints.
    • This ratio is a bit more unique and may require custom framing options.
  5. International Paper Size (5906 x 8268)
    • This size is tailored for printing on international paper sizes like A4 (210×297 mm), A3 (297×420 mm), A2 (420×594 mm), A1 (594×841 mm), and A0 (841×1189 mm).
    • It’s versatile for various applications, from small handouts to large posters.


Suffolk BeaconSuffolk Beacon