Retirement Dreams – Are They Attainable For Women?


Like so many times in life, our dreams and reality do not always go well. Maybe you have experienced it too.

For years you were thinking about retirement, and now, where it is almost here you are not so sure anymore, if your dreams are still relevant and if so, have you got the means to make them come true?

Women, dreams and retirement

By far, you are not alone with those thoughts. What personally bothers me, is the increasing number of women who were looking forward to retiring, only to have their dreams dashed.

They have worked all their lives, and if not employed, they nourished the family. It is still in most households that women hold the family together. To make sure everybody within the fold can do what they aspire, it takes a strong woman to keep it all flowing.

It is not that she never thought about retirement, but when you are young and fit, retirement is a long time away. Maybe like me, you have pushed the thought of retirement away – times over. I mean, I did think about all the paintings I will paint, the photos I will take and the books I will write.

Retirement Dreams VS. Reality

But now … retirement does not look as rosy as I might have thought. As a migrant, it was not easy to get a foothold in the employment market. That my diploma as a kindergarten teacher was not accredited in Australia didn’t make it easier either.

Now, standing already at the doorstep of retirement, I realize that the paintings, photos and books must wait indefinitely. My reality is as such that I must work throughout retirement to keep a roof over my head. I admit this is a very frightening thought. Nonetheless, I know I am not the only woman in such a predicament.

Reaching out To Others

Even it does not do anything for your budget, reaching out to others can help you on many levels.

  • Firstly, you learn you are not alone.
  • Secondly, people are social beings.
  • Thirdly, you meet other people. You get to talk, and maybe there opens an opportunity for you, you did not think of before.

When reaching out to others does not come easy to you, why not giving the internet a go?

For example, you could find meaningful discussion groups to almost every topic. If you do not know how to manage retirement or your money for that matter; if you are missing family and friends, the internet can be an option.

Even it cannot provide you with real human affection, but it can keep you entertained. Above that, there is much to learn to almost any topic you find interesting.

If your computer and internet skills are not what you want them to be, many community houses give free computer lessons to the mature population. – As soon as you know how to use Skype or Facebook, your children and grandchildren who are living interstate are not as far anymore.

If you rely too heavily on the internet for companionship, please be aware. There are too many people who are very skilled to home in on your need for camaraderie only to use it for their advantage!

How to make reality and dream go Well

Even my financial situation is not what I wish it were, I do find comfort, that I have the joy of doing something to earn money, which I am passionate about.

And while I certainly cannot change your financial situation, I can only advise you, if you too have to work throughout retirement, find something that makes you happy.

Try to sell your dream but not your soul.

Define a dream which makes money while you are pursuing it!

If you want to know more about my story read my another article – Too Young To Retire, Too Old For Employment.

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