Too Young To Retire, Too Old For Employment

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Here is a story about me, from Austria to Australia.

Almost 30 years ago, I came with two young children to Australia. I met my late husband in Vienna. When I arrived with the boys, we got married. Only a week later, my husband got sick and died over the next five months.

Here I was, with almost no knowledge of the English language. I could say I love you and that I am from Austria. I could also tell you what my name is and that I was hungry.

Life is full of Ups And Downs

Worst of all, I always loved reading, and even that was taken from me. The next few years were, for sure, the most difficult years in my life. After my husband died, once again, it was only the boys and me.

But things started to look up. I learned English pretty fast. I even went to Uni and studied Visual Arts, finishing with an Honours Degree in Photography. However, as a newly born photographer, I could not make any real living in rural Victoria.

I was forced to go back into the social sector, where I have been working all my life. I got a job in Out of Home Care Children. That went relatively well until a child kicked in my head. Subsequently, I lost my job. That was in 2014.

Going my own way

Ever since I was unable to find new employment, I was told I was either too old or over-educated. Pretty quickly, I realized that I must create my own job, if I want to keep a roof over my head.

Writing was always a passion of mine and now being fluently in two languages, I started my own little translation business. However, that was not enough for my thirst of creativity. I expanded. By now I am writing children books, self-help books, blogs and everything else people ask me to write.

Would I like a 9 -5 job once again? – Not really but a secure income would be a great way to take some of the stress off me, which I face every day!

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