The Ultimate Packing Checklist For The Baby Boomer Traveller

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Nothing is more difficult for me than packing! Because I plan my trips months or even years in advance, I have plenty of time to buy new gear. There’s something about going on a trip that motivates me to buy everything new! It’s actually the only time I do buy new things!

Winter in Europe

It’s been almost 4 years since my last big trip so my travel clothes definitely need updating. Firstly, I have to sort through my “Europe” suitcase. These are clothes that I only wear when travelling in Europe in winter. Trying everything on is a must! Things that don’t fit properly or aren’t comfortable just aren’t worth taking no matter how much I loved them on the last trip.

Check your baggage limits!

The last trip was travelling in a motorhome around Germany, France, Spain and Portugal so I was able to pack more clothes, as I didn’t have to meet 20kg limits on European flights.

This trip is shaping up to be completely different. I have several flights that have the 20kg limit so need to limit the weight of my suitcase even on the flight out from Brisbane.

The Ultimate Packing List

For me, this is a real challenge, as I tend to pack everything except the kitchen sink. But I’ve managed it with the help of Zoomlite’s Ultimate Packing List, and limiting the number of each item of clothing I take.

When it comes to toiletries, I have packed the smallest possible amount of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. It’s not like I’m going to Antarctica where no supermarkets exist!

Saving space

The real problem has been my prescription drugs and other medications. They actually took up half the volume of my suitcase! I have cut up the packets and put them in small plastic bags and just cut off one label of each and inserted it into the plastic bag. I have managed to fit most of them into one packing cube.

Even though it will be probably quite warm when I leave Brisbane, I will be wearing my boots and winter jacket to save carrying them in my suitcase!

Saving weight

I have swapped my electric toothbrush for the manual sort- not only is it smaller, it doesn’t need a charger! My large tube of toothpaste has been replaced by a sample one from the dentist, spray deodorant replaced with a solid stick, and my favourite bottle of perfume replaced with 3 small vials. Instead of my beautiful hairbrush, I have packed a smaller, lighter detangling brush. This is probably the item I am going to miss most of all.

When it comes to makeup, I have had to be strong. I love to take a variety of colours in lipsticks, lip-glosses and lip-liners, but have limited myself to just one lip-liner, two lipsticks, and one lip-gloss. However, I may be tempted to throw another one in as I walk out the door!

I have discarded winter pyjamas in favour of a lightweight nightie, and am crossing my fingers that my hostels are heated! I have packed a hot water bottle in case they’re not. I don’t want the headline to read:

“Old Australian Woman Frozen to Death in Moscow Hostel.”

If you’ d like to see my packing list, read my next post: My Essentials for a Winter Trip in Europe

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