How To Get Paid To Advertise On Your Car – Video Guide

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One of the easiest ways to earn an extra income is through car wrapping.

Many people do not realise that this is an actual concept. Essentially, it is a way to make money simply by driving your car around on your daily errands – no extra driving is necessary.

It is a form of passive income that integrates seamlessly into your life. You don’t need to change your daily routines. You can do it while you drive your (grand) kids to school, while you commute to work, or even while you are doing the groceries.

In this post, I will cover everything you need to know about car wrapping and how to get started.

What Is Car Wrapping?

In short, you get your car wrapped in a particular advertisement. There are many examples I can show you, and here is one of them.

This is an image of the famous London Cab.

London Taxi’s without car wrapping
London Taxi’s without car wrapping

The image below is how they look when they are partially wrapped in an advertisement.

A London Taxi advertising on the side
A London Taxi advertising on the side

How Much Money Can You Make?

If you get your car wrapped, you will get paid on how, when, and where you drive your car.

I have looked at various websites, and it seems they are all quite similar when it comes to this concept of car wrapping. How much you can earn usually depends on three major factors.

Type of Wrapping

There is a panel, or light wrapping, where it only extends along with the panel. Then there is partial wrapping and full wrapping.

You will essentially get paid more money if your car is fully wrapped as opposed to lightly wrapped.

Kilometre Caps

These are set in place by the advertising company and are something similar to about thirty kilometres a day. If you go past this limit, you are not going to be paid anything.

Time of Day & Location

These will also affect your pay. If you drive your car around in a busy area during the day, your kilometre rate is higher than if you drive your car in the suburbs at night where no one will see it.

That makes sense, doesn’t it?

Case Studies

After keeping these three factors in mind, I had a look at a couple of websites to see how much you can actually make doing car wrapping.

For Australia, I found a website called Wrappli. According to this website, you can earn up to $600 Australian dollars per month for a fully wrapped car, although between $300 to $400 is a more realistic amount that is made each month.

For the United States, I took a look at Wrapify. This website suggests you can earn something between $250 to $450 American dollars for a fully wrapped car.

How Do I Get Started?

The simplest and most uncomplicated way is to go through a website. There are many websites around which you can consider. The most popular ones, though, include:

United States



Once you have decided on the website you would like to go through, you should check if you qualify as a “driver”.

Wrappli - an Australian website for car wrapping (image from
Wrappli – an Australian website for car wrapping (image from


You need to meet these requirements to qualify as a driver and get started on car wrapping.

  • Have a clean driving history
  • Have a full drivers licence
  • Some websites require a police check
  • Your car needs to be of a certain age
  • Your car must be fully registered
  • Depending on the website, your car should not be older than 8-10 years
  • Some sites also require a copy of your insurance policy

Additionally, I wish to inform you that some cars that are not eligible, because they are too difficult to wrap.

Common examples of some excluded cars that I have come across are Jeep Wranglers and VW Beetles. Any RV, motor homes, commercial vans, or freight vehicles are also non-eligible.

Step-By-Step Guide To Car Advertising

This is the next step in getting started and is generally a similar process across each of the websites.

Step 1: Application

You either have to fill out their application form or download their corresponding mobile application. The mobile app is a more common way of doing the process. You download the application, start driving, and it will record your driving routine.

This will establish your driver’s profile, and once you have driven a certain amount of kilometres or miles, you will then qualify as a driver.

Step 2: Getting an Offer

Once an advertiser admires your profile, they will offer a job to you, and the last part of the application process is accepting it! It’s as simple and straightforward as that.

Step 3: Car Wrapping

After you have accepted the job, you have to get your car wrapped. You will be asked to drive to a specific garage to get this handled.

Depending on the type of wrap you are doing, it will take between two to eight hours for it to complete and your car to be wrapped. This is generally done during weekdays.

Step 4: Tracking

Some companies will also want to install a tracking device in your car during this time. This device is used to record your driving patterns and will be used as the base for your payments.

Other companies will simply rely on the recordings processed through the mobile application.

Step 5: Just Driving To Get Paid!

Once this is all complete, all you have to do is be yourself and perform your usual daily routines – go grocery shopping, see a friend, travel to work if you are not yet retired, or go have a nice lunch out.

A job can be anything between two to six months or occasionally, even a full year.

You will get paid either fortnightly or monthly, and once the job is complete, you will have to go back to the garage to remove the wraps.

Wrapify - car wrapping to make money
Wrapify – car wrapping to make money (image from

What Else Should I Know?

If you’re quite interested in moving ahead with car wrapping, there are a few more things you should know.


First, there is no guarantee that you will be offered a job.

It all depends on what the advertisers are looking for. Perhaps you do not live or drive in the area where they would like to advertise.

Safe For Your Car

Secondly, wrapping your car should not cause any damage to it.

A car wrap is made of excellent quality vinyl, and they will actually protect your car paint while it’s on. As long as the appropriate removal process is adhered to, there will be no harmful marks left on your vehicle.

The only factor that may cause issues is if you have any pre-existing damage, rust to your car paint, or if your car has been re-painted since purchasing it new. In these cases, there is a chance that some of the paint could come off during the removal process.


Finally, be aware of the scams, especially in the United States, where it is more common.

These are offers that usually are made via email or through Facebook Ads. These scams will select you as a driver and send you a “cheque” to get your car wrapped. However, this cheque is going to bounce about a week after you cash it in, and you may have already spent that money. Please be aware of the scams!

So there you have a full guide and information on what car wrapping is and how to get started.

Do you think car wrapping is a good idea and would like to try it for yourself? Is there something else, in particular, you would like to know?  Let me know in the comments below.

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